How it works


First, we cook

Using ingredients sourced from trusted producers, we cook up delicious meals in the Phil & Guy’s kitchen.

Trusted producers

We only source the freshest ingredients from our trusted network of fishmongers, greengrocers and butchers, all of whom share our passion for great tasting, wholesome food.

Made from scratch

You’ll know exactly what’s in your meal because we make everything from scratch. We never use pre-prepared sauces, pastes or marinades.

Experienced chefs

With a love of food and years of experience in the kitchen, our chefs know exactly how to cook up the best tasting meals which are wholesome and nutritious.


Then, we deliver

Packed in cooler boxes, we deliver our great tasting meals straight to your door.

Order online

Complete your online order and before you know it, one of our drivers will be dropping off your meals at your front door.

Keeping cool

Our meals come in a cooler box so it doesn’t matter if you’re not home when we deliver.

Ready when you are

Most of our meals can be refrigerated or frozen so they stay fresh and tasty right up until you’re ready to eat.


Finally, you eat!

Because we’ve done all the prep work, all you have to do is heat and eat.

Hearty and hassle free

Most of our meals just need to be heated up so you can enjoy hearty and wholesome food without having to cook yourself.

Add extra freshness

We recommend you garnish some meals with herbs or leaves for a little added freshness and flavour. Check our selection of side dishes to add to your meal.

Personalise your plate

Our range of specialty pantry products allows you to add a few flourishes to personalise your meals to taste.

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